Park Guide

Park Rules

The usual park rules:

    • Do not damage or deface park property.
    • Do not clear or take the plants.
    • Do not take the soil or stone, or change the character of the land.
    • Do not unleash your pet(s).
    • Always keep a collar on your dog(s).
    • Clean up after your pet(s).
    • Do not hunt, harm or kill the birds, animals or fish.
    • Do not fish in the pond in the park.
    • Do not make a bonfire or have a barbeque in the park.
    • Do not put up any posters, bills or other advertising materials without permission.
    • Do not sell or distribute any goods. Do not raise funds or collect signatures.
    • Keep out of the off-limits areas.
    • Do not drive your vehicle into locations other than designated areas.
    • In addition to the above, acts that may hinder the management of the park and acts that the park staff restricts are prohibited.

Restricted items in the park:

    • Baseball bats (wooden/metal) *except for the athletic facility
    • Golf clubs
    • Kickboards
    • Skateboards
    • Air guns, model guns, and the like
    • Radio-controlled airplanes (including drones), radio-controlled cars (equipped with an engine)
    • Radio-controlled boats (equipped with an engine) *These are prohibited in principle. Please contact the park for details.
    • In addition to the above, dangerous articles and items that may harm other visitors are prohibited.